Setting up e-mail for domain name E-mail
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We would like to introduce you how to create e-mail address, ordered and registered domain names. We emphasize that it is an e-mail adress and not an e-mail account. The two are different and should not be confused! To explain the difference on this page!

First you must be logged in the specified location!

and you shall do this in the surface!

You can create new e-mail adress in the 1. menu item and then you select the "Submit" button:

Then you give the e-mail address that you want to create in the domain, Ezután meg kell adni azt az e-mail címet amelyet a domainban szeretne létrhozni, then you give the existing e-mail account in the input field which is stored in the mail finally.

Somehow the screen looks like this:


Click the "STEP2" button and if we did everything right to receive the following screen:
If you click the "FŐMENÜ" button you returned the post-login screen with the difference that the applied e-mail adress is appeared. We caution you to always return to the main page because you can control in this page wich e-mail addresses are live and where they are routed!
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