Register a domain name E-mail
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Make your own Internet name in the world.

If you want an individual website name or e-mail adress you will register an own domain name.

  • We're not going to convince why it beneficial to their own domain name. You can understand when you experience that more people are interested for your product/features. You will prevent the opponent, because more people find your business.

Whether you have 2900 Ft+vat rates for your company's own domain name indicated in the e-mail addresses of two years.
For example: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , vagy

  • Why it is beneficial to you? Because then you don't mercy of the operators. For example: if you use the e-mail adress what you got for the operator and you want to cancel your service, you lose your e-mail adress and you have to change your business cards, corporate documents. But you can moove freely between providers your e-mail adress what is prepared your domain name.

We give an accurate answers every legal and technical questions by Accredited Registrars quality.


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